About us

Maxx Industrial’s (a dba of PVC Distribution Corporation) mission is to service our valued customers, maintain long lasting business relationships, and build strong relationships with potential future customers.

We pride ourselves on knowledge of the industry and industry applications. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have helped lead many different jobs and contracts. We have worked with many colleges & universities, waste water treatment plants, OEM’s, chemical stations, contractors, power plants, aquatic parks, sea aquariums, college and Olympic swimming pools, landscapers, irrigation and farm, main water line supply, bridge drain jobs, and filtration applications. Contractors, resellers, OEM’s, exporters and end-users are all types of customers that we value and have built our foundation on.

Maxx Industrial’s goal is to be the nationwide leader and supplier in the piping and controls industry. We work with some of the industry leading manufacturers of pipe, fittings, valves and accessories.

Some of the brands that we offer are Ackinstrut, American Valve, Apollo, Blue-White, Cello, Cepex, Dixon, Eaton, Elkhart, Flexaust, Georg Fischer, Hayward, Hi-tech Duravent, Kuriyama, Legend, Link-seal, Little Giant, Merit Brass, New-Age Casting, Pratt, Proco, PT Coupling, Royal, Sharpe, Smith-Cooper, Spears, Wheeler Rex. Maxx Industrial has many different shipping outlets throughout the country.

Some of our shipping locations are located in Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, Colorado, California and Washington.

Do You Still Have Questions Regarding Our Services?

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